Letters to Enid 10: From volume 1 issue 19

Previous letters pages can be found here.

Letters page from Volume 1, issue 19. November 25th – December 8th 1953



 1. A letter from Patricia Offen, 78 Sheridan Terrace, Hove, 3.
Dear Enid Blyton,
I am sending you 7/6 for the Sunbeam Society. When our friends come to watch our Television, see a box there labelled “Sunbeam Society for the Blind Babies. Viewers please spare a penny. Thank you.” Television makes me feel grateful that I have eyes to see with.
Love from,
Patricia Offen.

(What a WONDERFUL idea, Patricia! Let’s all do the same, children.)

2. A letter from Mary and Sarah Targett, Eley’s, Porton, Salisbury.
Dear Enid Blyton,
A little while ago we decided to pick mushrooms on our farm and sell them in the town to earn some money for the blind children. So we all picked mushrooms after school, and we worked hard for a week. Mummy and Daddy helped us and we earned the enclosed Ten Pounds for the Blind Children.
Yours truly,
Mary and Sarah Targett.

(Well! Another marvellous idea. Thank you for your very hard work, my dears.)

3. A letter from Mary String, The Ferns, Great Hale, Lincs.
Dear Enid Blyton,
My Mummy gave me an apple tree in the garden and said I could sell apples for your Sunbeam Society. So on two Saturday afternoons I had a stall on the front lawn. I borrowed Mummy’s scales and wrote a notice saying I was selling apples at 3d. per pound for your Blind Children’s Home. I am pleased to enclose £2/2/0 for the Blind Children and I hope it will help to make them happy.
All my love,

Mary String

(Television money, mushroom money – and now apple money! Whatever next? Well done, Mary – I am proud of you and your tree.)


Interesting this week that all three letters were enclosing money, and money for the same charity. Almost looks as if they bought their inclusion on the letters page, though I am sure that’s just me being terribly cynical!

I also found it a bit tactless for Blyton to suggest that all children do the same and charge their friends to watch their TVs. TV ownership increased dramatically in 1953 when lots of people rented or bought a television to watch the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, but a huge number of people – clearly including Patricia’s friends – didn’t have a TV to charge for!

Anyway, I really do hope that they money raised did help the poor children who, purely because of some illness or disability, have missed out on a loving family life and instead have been brought up in a home. It hardly bears thinking about.

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