Letters to Enid 13: From volume 2 issue 1

I have done all the letters page from the issues of volume 1, and now we have reached the start of volume 2. Previous letters pages can be found here.

There is actually not a letters page in this volume. There are, however, pieces written and sent in by children so I will include them, as part of the idea of this series is to create a digital record of the children’s names and letters so that they might find them again as adults.

Blyton says in her newsletter at the back:

OUR LETTER-PAGE. None this week, because I am giving it up to something MUCH MORE IMPORTANT.

Competition winners from Volume 2, issue 1. January 6th-19th 1954


I know you will all want to read the twelve messages which were chosen to be sent to the Queen, so here are some of them. I am afraid that I haven’t got room for them all this time, but I will give you the rest in our next number. I am starting with the youngest prize-winner!

Your Gracious Majesty,
Best wishes for a Happy Christmas and Speedy return to your Family and to us all in the New Year.

Jill Rawlinson, aged 6.

A very happy christmas to our most gracious and beloved Queen Elizabeth II, in your realms across the seas.
May their blue skies and sunshine bring you health and happiness, and may your visit to distant lands help to bring peace on earth and good will among men at all times.
May God protect you on your journey and bring you safely home again.

Suzanne Maiden, aged 7.
Heaton Moor, Stockport.

Our Very Dear Queen,
I am very happy to be able to write to you this Christmas and hope the visit to your people in other countries will be interesting and enjoyable.
I would like to say to you this Christmas Day, God bless and keep you safe always.

Patricia Salmon, aged 7.

May this tour bring great pleasure and happiness to your Majesty and to H.R.H. the Duke of Edinburgh. May it also bring great joy to the people whose lands you are visiting. May the Infant Jesus bless your children this Christmas – and all children throughout the world.

Madeleine Exworthy, aged 8.

Your Gracious Majesty,
Loving Christmas Greetings to you and the Duke of Edinburgh.
Best wishes for a happy and successful tour and a safe return to your dear children.

Jim McMaster, aged 9, Co. Down, N. Ireland.


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