Monday #335

August round up


On my bookshelf part 5

The Mystery of the Vanished Prince is the ninth mystery for the Five-Find Outers. As the title suggests the mystery is that a young prince has gone missing. Having already dressed up as the prince’s family, the Five-Find Outers realise that they have significantly muddied the waters of Mr Goon’s investigation, and so it’s up to them to find him. Their clues take them to a baby show, looking for twins, and with a little help from Ern and his brothers, they of course solve the mystery.

Lucian is the unfortunate nephew of Mr and Mrs Eppy,  who are taking a cruise along with the Mannering/Trent children and Mrs Mannering. He latches onto the children straight away as they are the only ones of his age aboard. Although he irritates them at times by being a bit weedy and repeating oh I say a million times, he comes in very useful as a translator and haggler when Lucy-Ann wants to buy a present for Philip’s birthday. It is of course that present which starts the whole adventure. He also screws up his courage near the end of the book to help the children after they have fallen into his uncle’s clutches. I always hope that he is happier once his uncle is out of his life.

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