Monday #340

Letters to Enid part 16


Five Get Into Trouble

Fattish! Could the owner of the sleep-walking uncle be – that fat boy! Was is that pest again, On the Track of Something as usual?

Mr Goon is rather upset to discover that Fatty has been quicker to follow the clues than he has in The Mystery of the Strange Bundle.

Jeremiah Boogle is a fine example of Enid Blyton’s elderly and knowledgeable men characters. He appears in Five Go to Demon’s Rocks, sitting by the harbour, ready to tell them all about old One-Ear Bill and the wreckers that once plagued the area. He doesn’t just tell, however (many of her old men are rather stuck in one place and are purely there to tell tales) he even gives them a tour of the underground tunnels and caves where a treasure is reported to be hidden. Despite being elderly he is a former sailor and quite capable of handling himself.

jeremiah boogle demon's rocks

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