Letters to Enid 16: From volume 2 issue 4

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Letters page from Volume 2, issue 4. February 17th – March 2nd 1954.



 1. A letter from Betty Kerr, 2 Council Houses, Glenlougham, Scarva, Co. Down.
Dear Enid Blyton,
I hope you are pleased because I have got 18 members for the Sunbeam Society, 8 for the Busy Bees, and 10 for the Famous Five. When Daddy asked me for a design to make us a banner I suggested a blind child, the same as on our badge. Our motto is “Make Dark Places Light.”
Your Loving Sunbeam No. 7, Betty Kerr.

(What a wonderful little worker you are, Betty. I am pleased with you!)

2. A letter from Marion Taylor, 44 Newcourt House, Pott Street, Bethnal Green, London, E.2.

Dear Enid Blyton,
Every week I cut out “The Adventures of Josie, Click and Bun,” mount them on cardboard and bind them into a neat book. It is very interesting and my young sister, Jennifer, never gets tired of reading it and it certainly keeps her out of mischief.
Love, Marion Taylor, F.F.

(How delighted your sister must be Marion. I am, too.)

3. A letter from  Jennifer Routledge, 1 Montpelier Rise, Wembley, Middx.
Dear Enid Blyton,
The family ad I have been giving a penny every time we make a spot on the tablecloth. I have now saved 10s. for the blind children.
Please give them my love. Jennifer.

(What a wonderful idea, Jennifer. I can’t help hoping you make lots more spots on your tablecloth!)

3. A letter from  Greta Croker, Newbold Missionary College, Binfield, nr Bracknell, Berks.
Dear Enid Blyton,
I am a member of the F.F. Club and I am sending the enclosed money for you to spend on some little girl without a father or mother, because I have such a wonderful father and mother. I earned the money by helping my father milk the cows. I send my good wishes to you all and my fellow-readers of our magazine,
From, Greta Crocker.

(I think your mother and father have a fine little girl, Greta. Thank you very much.)

Now I know that Enid chose her winning letters from the ‘normal’ ones she received, not ‘special’ ones written with the hope of appearing on the letters page. But I can’t help but notice that an awful lot of the featured letters are ones saying “I earned X money by doing X clever thing and I would like it to go towards X cause.” If those aren’t letters hoping to win, then I would like to see the obvious ‘special letter’ attempts!

I know, I’m being cynical. I’m sure these letters are children just genuinely wanting Enid to know they’ve worked hard to send money to one of her causes. All I’m saying is that if a child really wanted to be featured they would have been wise to write a letter like that.

I’m intrigued by Jennifer’s idea. Usually paying a penny every time you spill something (or indeed swear) is meant to be a way of encouraging you not to spill or swear. But in order to raise lots of money, you’d have to make a lost of mess or bad language. Slightly opposing ideas, there. Incidentally, to have raised 10 shillings, Jennifer’s family made 120 spots on the tablecloth. I hope it got washed regularly!

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