Monday #342

Enid Blyton at Halloween?


Letters to Enid part 17

Curly runned away, he runned fast!

Benny blames his pigling for leading him astray in Five Go to Billycock Hill.

The Saucy Jane Family is the second book about the Caravan Family. But in this book they abandon the caravans (which need painting) and move onto a canal boat called the Saucy Jane. They are used to cramped quarters so adjusting to life on a narrow boat isn’t too big a problem, but the fact that Ann can’t swim poses a bit of an issue. The family spend several weeks on the boat, taking a trip or two along the canal on other boats to experience life and work on the canal.


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1 Response to Monday #342

  1. Dale Vincero, Brisbane Australia says:

    I must say, that front cover of Billycock Hill -any aircraft in that configuration that close to the ground is going to crash within a few seconds.


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