Monday #345

This is the last week before I start on the Christmas posts, you have been warned!

Letters to Enid part 18


Updates to the Naughtiest Girl part 3

The Mystery of Banshee Towers is the fifteenth and final Five-Find Outer book. It is fairly widely regarded as the worst of the series and a weak mystery but I don’t think it’s as bad as all that. It’s not my least favourite of the series at any rate.

Banshee Towers is an art gallery which is supposed to be haunted by a wailing banshee. Naturally the Find Outers are curious about this phenomenon and visit, only to become involved in a mystery regarding stolen paintings.

Snubby, real name Peter, would irritate me if I ever met him in real life. Despite that I think he gets rather a harder time than he deserves. He is an orphan who spends school holidays rotating between various aunts and uncles, some of whom seem to rather unwelcoming.

Despite that the best for for Snubby is irrepressible. He is always cheerful and full of mischief. He plays the fool most of the time but he would never play a trick with malice. His best friend is his utterly mad spaniel called Loony.

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