Letters to Enid 18: From volume 2 issue 6

Previous letters pages can be found here.

Letters page from Volume 2, issue 6. March 17th-30th 1954.



 1. A letter from  Sunbeam Susam Biffen, 11a Hazel Road, Rubery, Birmingham
Dear Miss Blyton,
We are sending you £2 os. 8d. for the little Blind Children. I enclose one News-Sheet, showing how we made this money. Gifts – 18s. 1d. … Earned Money – 11s. 7d. … Puzzle Money – 7s. 10d. … Pocket Money – 3s. 2d. Don’t forget we are always ready to help anyone, you can call on any of us.
Ann, Jane, John, Marlene, Barry, Edward, Brian and Susan. (Sunbeams.)

(What a splendid little band! I am proud of each of you.)

2. A letter from Freda Whale, 53 Clifton Road, Weston-super-Mare.
Dear Enid Blyton,
One day my Uncle Fred found an old sun hat. He put it on and said, “What would people say if I went on the sea-front with this on my head?” And Jimmy, my budgie, said, “Pretty boy!”
Love from,
Freda Whale.

(Your budgie is clever enough to put into a story, Freda!)

3. A letter from Patricia English, Melbur House School, Fore Street, Tregony.
Dear Miss Blyton,
Thank you for our Sunbeam badges. The school is now shining with badges. We are delighted with them and our teacher says she is quite dazzled. All the pupils in our school are now Sunbeams.
Yours sincerely,
Patricia English.

(Yours is the first school in which everyone is a Sunbeam, Patricia. My warm congratulations.)

4. A letter from Doreen Burton, Hole Farm Bungalow, Wareside, Ware.
Dear Enid Blyton,
One day when Mummy was out shopping she bought me one of your magazines. She didn’t know it, but it was the first one out! I liked it so much that she ordered it for me, and I have had it ever since.
Lots of love from, Doreen Burton.

(What a good thing your mother saw it, Doreen! You are one of our oldest readers.)

Four letters this week, and some boys again, even if they didn’t write the letter.


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