October 2019 round up

The blog turned 7 years old on Tuesday, so happy birthday to us!

What I have read

I’ve read a lot more this month. I’ve now read 88, so I’m 5 ahead of schedule. Two months left in the year and only 12 books left to read! (I won’t stop if I reach 100 before December 31st of course.)

  • Something Rotten (Thursday Next #4) – Jasper Fforde
  • The Wartime Midwives – Daisy Styles
  • Bridget Jones’s Diary – Helen Fielding
  • Miss Nightingale’s Nurses (Nursing #1) – Kate Eastham
  • Five Get Into Trouble – reviewed here
  • A Mystery for Ninepence – Phyllis Gegan, reviewed here
  • First Among Sequels (Thursday Next #5) – Jasper Fforde
  • The Mystery of the Vanishing Skeleton (Mystery Island #6) – Helen Moss, recommended here.
  • The Liverpool Nightingales (Nursing #2) – Kate Eastham
  • Mr Lemoncello’s All Star Breakout (Mr L’s Library #4) – Chris Gabenstein
  • The Foyles Bookshop Girls at War (The Foyles Girls #2) – Elaine Roberts.
  • The Bomb Girls (The Bomb Girls #1) – Daisy Styles

And I’m still working on:

  • The Naughtiest Girl in the School – I’m doing a text comparison on this one
  • The Exile: An Outlander Graphic Novel – Diana Gabaldon
  • The Four Streets (Four Streets #1) by Nadine Dorries

I’m really struggling with the graphic novel – I find it really hard to work out what’s going on and who is who!

What I have watched

  • Hollyoaks
  • Finished ER, and felt very sad about it.
  • Only Connect
  • More of Taskmaster
  • Some more of the Letdown
  • The Dark Crystal Resurgence on Netflix. I love the film – though I didn’t discover it was a film until I was about fifteen. I’d had a book based on the film and loved it, so I was amazed to find a DVD in a shop and discover there was a film!
  • The Bookshop, a 2017 film starring Emily Mortimer and Bill Nighy
  • Murder She Wrote, seasons five and six

What I have done

  • Visited the Botanic Gardens
  • Gone to several parks
  • Been to the beach in our coats, hats and boots
  • Gone on some very muddy woodland walks
  • Visited the deer at the Scottish Deer Centre
  • Started my Christmas shopping nice and early!
  • Recycled a lot of crisp packets

What I have bought

A new section which won’t appear every month (thankfully for my bank balance).

This month I’ve rediscovered eBay and bought:

  • The Third Holiday Book
  • The Rabbit’s Party and Other Stories

I needed these to help complete the two series they belong to, so I’m down to missing one from each – The Holiday Book and Susan and the Birds and Other Stories. Neither has a dust jacket and both are a little tatty but they were both well under £5 each so I am very pleased.

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