Monday #347

Thursday is the 51st anniversary of Enid Blyton’s death. We have done a special post in the past to mark the occasion but I haven’t anything planned this year, as I write something every week that I hope shows the impact her writing had on me and her many other readers.

Decorating for Christmas – the Blyton way


Five Fall Into Adventure

“It’s Santa Claus,” said Brer Rabbit in a deep voice. “I’ve got a sack of presents for you, Brer Fox.”

“Come on down then,” said Brer Fox, pleased.

“I can’t,” said Brer Rabbit. “I’m stuck.” Brer Fox unbolted his door and went into the garden to look up at the roof. Sure enough, in the moonlight he could see someone in his chimney.

Brer Rabbit pretends to be Santa Claus to trick Brer Fox in Brer Rabbit is Santa Claus!  from Enid Blyton’s Book of the Year.

Harry from The Christmas Tree Aeroplane found in The Second Holiday Book is one of Blyton’s almost too good to be true children. A lady with a grand house has invited him and several other local children to her special Christmas party. Harry comes from a poor home and his mother is ill at the time. Still, he is generous without fault. He doesn’t complain when he doesn’t win any of the games, and  gives away his balloon to a child whose balloon has burst. He gives his toy ship from the tree to a child who was accidentally missed out and gives his bonnet from his cracker to another child, too. And he doesn’t say a word about being left without anything to take home. He is lucky that the lady hosting the party notices, and when she hears how he gave all his things to others, she gives him the special Santa-in-an-aeroplane from the top of the tree as well as some cakes, jelly and a ride home in her car.

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