Monday #358

It’s Valentine’s day on Friday! Romance didn’t often feature in Enid Blyton’s books (just look at Bill’s ‘proposal’ to Allie, below), but we’ve written a few romantic stories featuring some of her characters once they’ve grown up.

They are:

First Valentines (A St Andrews story)
Darrell and Anatoly’s first date (A St Andrews Story)
If the Kirrins and the Mannering/Trents went on dates

Chapter two of Cunningham and Petrov: The Mystery of the Missing Aeroplane


The Naughtiest Girl updated part 6

“Well, Allie? Do you think it’s a good idea too?”

“Yes, it’s really a very good idea, Bill. I’m surprised we’ve never thought of it before!”

“That’s settled, then. I’ll take these four kids on – and you’ll see to it I don’t lead them into any more adventures.”

After Lucy-Ann suggests they get married, and Philip says what a good idea it is, Bill “proposes” and Allie “accepts”. This is probably the most romantic part of any of the books!

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2 Responses to Monday #358

  1. Have you come across Return to Kirrin by Neil and Suzy Howlett? The ‘children’ grown up and getting into mischief!


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