Monday #383

I’m not going to mention the L word. I’ve said it enough over the last several months.

Instead I’ll mention how Brodie has learned to say Noddy while playing with his Noddy figure and car. “Noddy car!” “Noddy house, snack!” (If you imagine lots of other words in there it meant Noddy is going in his car to his house to have a snack). I’ll have to get him watching some of the Noddy TV episodes again.

July round up


Cunningham and Petrov: The Mystery of the Missing Agent chapter 4

Darrell Rivers is one of my favourite Blyton characters. We first meet her at age 12 as she prepares to go off to boarding school at Malory Towers. She is intelligent and friendly but struggles to control her temper, a recurring theme though her six years at Malory Towers. She stands up for what she believes in even if she doesn’t always do it in the most sensible way, and by her sixth year has risen to head girl and gives out some pretty great advice to other girls.

Darrell as played by Ella Bright

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  1. She is my favorite too I was just rereading the third book 5 minutes ago


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