Lego Blyton: The Secret Seven

I’d rather forgotten about these Lego scenes I did a while ago. I posted about the Five On a Treasure Island one, and Five on a Hike Together and now it’s the Secret Seven’s turn.

The Secret Seven and the Curse of the Pirates

This is not another Pamela Butchart sequel, but I decided to make up my own story for this scene rather than try to recreate something from the books which I’ve only read once.

Below is the Seven and Scamper (an entirely different dog to Timmy, honest!) meeting in Peter and Janet’s shed. The biscuit tin is in the middle of the table and hot drinks have been provided.

Peter is taking charge as usual and calling the meeting to order. Then all of a sudden something appears at the window. A skull and crossbones. An upside-down skull and crossbones to be precise.

The Seven and Scamper rush outside to investigate, Colin still clutching his mug. It’s Susie, Binkie and Jeff in their pirate costumes, come to annoy the Seven.

Peter is furious and brandishes a broom at the trio, warning them to get off the shed roof as they have a very important meeting to hold.

Susie just laughs as the broom is far too short to be of any use. “You just try and climb up here, Peter, and you’ll be sorry!” she shouts, waving her cutlass.

I rather expect the Seven will have to slink off and hold their important meeting somewhere else as Susie has won here!



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2 Responses to Lego Blyton: The Secret Seven

  1. jillslawit says:

    Haha the much anticipated lego Secret Seven. Will there be a lego Find Outers at some point with Lego macaroons and a Lego Goon?


  2. Dale Vincero, Brisbane Australia says:

    SS & The Pirates?
    Well done anyway.


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