Monday #413

I can hardly believe that it is March already. If all goes well restrictions will slowly start to lift over the next two months, though it all seems quite far away still.

In other good news – I got my laptop back in a working condition. The bad news is that the hard drive was damaged in such a way that no data could be recovered from it. I did have a partial back up from November 2020 which had the important stuff – photos, all the fics we’ve written and all my blogging stuff, more recent photos are safe between my Amazon cloud storage and my phone. It’ll take some time to redownload and organise them, though. Unfortunately I didn’t back up much else (my priorities are clearly a bit off, I didn’t back up anything important like copies of my CV etc), so I’ve had to go back to an old save on a different device from 2016 and so most of it is very out of date, including my very important catalogue of all my Enid Blyton books!

I have managed to recreate 7 chapters of the latest fic we are working on by trawling through the chat archives from the start of the year to pick out all the bits we wrote in amongst general chatter, but it has delayed progress on the story bit.

Anyway, at least I can write properly again.

February round up


If you like Blyton: The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett

Boy! A boy here! There’s no boy here at all! You must be mad. I shall complain to your mother about you. You are never to come here again. As for there being a boy here, you are quite mistaken. Whoever told you that has not told you the truth. There is no child here at all.

The Dragon tells a very curious lie to Robin, Lucy and Betty who have just been tied up in the summer-house by a boy who apparently doesn’t exist, in The Boy Next Door.

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2 Responses to Monday #413

  1. chrissie777 says:

    I know how you must feel, Fiona.
    André’s computer is now for more than 4 weeks at the repair shop, because the first part went AWOL in Oklahoma after 2 weeks, the second part didn’t fix the problem, now the repair shop is waiting for the 3rd part to show up. The US mail is extremely slow because of Corona.

    Fortunately I have thousands of photos from our many trips to Europe on my own computer (6 years old computer and getting slow), but I have no back up. I wouldn’t even know how to do a back up to be honest.


    • Fiona says:

      Chrissie, I just bought an external hard drive from Amazon. It plugs into the laptop with a USB and then I just copied over files and folders I wanted to save.


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