Monday #462

I’m a little bit late again this week, but it’s still Monday at least. I’ve made plans with Stef to watch more Malory Towers this week so that I can get back to reviewing series two, but in the mean time I have found some other things to write about!

A guide to Enid Blyton biographies (and other reference materials)


Malory Towers – the new short stories



One that a lot of people probably haven’t heard of is David Rudd’s Enid Blyton and the Mystery of Children’s Literature. This is an academic study of Enid’s works – so akin to a thesis or dissertation, I assume – by David Rudd who is a senior lecturer at the Bolton Institute.

Published by Macmillin in 2000 it was priced at £60 – and unsurprisingly had a small print run. This has made it quite hard to come by, with second hand copies regularly going for over £100. I just so happen to have bought a copy for just under £40, which I’m quite happy with!



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