Birthday and Christmas gift round up 2021

Christmas (and my birthday) were quite a while ago now, so you might be wondering why I’m only getting around to posting about it now. Or, given my track record, you might well be assuming I had forgotten to write this up.

Actually, one of the things I got just took forever to be delivered. It was ordered in time for my birthday but didn’t even make it in time for Christmas. In fact it showed up around the second week in January. Of course my mum then forgot to give it to me for another week or two, but who’s counting,

Blytonian gifts

This will be a shorter post than some previous years as I think that my friends and family have probably just about exhausted any and all possible Blyton gifts over the last decade.

All three things I got were things I asked for, having already put them on my Christmas gift guide. (I got other presents which were surprises, though).

First up was the Famous Five 2022 calendar – there was a slimline version too, but I thought two was excessive as they have the same pictures. This is hanging in my kitchen now, though obviously I’ve turned it to the February page.

The January one prompted Ewan to ask if the backwards telescope had been put in as a joke.

The there’s the book – that’s the one that arrived very late between one thing and another. For some reason I keep wanting to call it (and search for it as) Literary Lives, but it’s Enid Byton: A Literary Life, singular.

And lastly the Faraway Tree Stories for the DS. The Adventure Series game wasn’t all that impressive, but this one looks like it has different kinds of games so I will see!

Loosely related to Blyton gifts

I got two of the Adventure Island books by Helen Moss, a series which I’ve recommended if you like Blyton. They were #5, The Mystery of the Cursed Ruby, and #9 The Mystery of the Smuggler’s Wreck. I’m missing a few more from the series but I thought these two had the most Blyton-esque titles.

Another If You Like Blyton recommendation that I got was The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. I listened to the audiobook not too long ago and loved it, so I wanted a paper copy and what better copy than the one illustrated by MinaLima with interactive elements like pull-out maps?


I also got Operation Goodwood by Sara Sheridan, from the Mirabelle Bevan series which both Stef and I would recommend as Blyton for grown ups. I have read this before but I think it may have been on my Kindle so there was a paperback missing from my collection. Not anymore!

Did anyone else get any nice Blyton gifts last year?

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1 Response to Birthday and Christmas gift round up 2021

  1. jillslawit says:

    Yes, the Foxglove story book and a book about Old Thatch.


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