Monday #472

It was Easter yesterday so the house is now full of chocolate. Maybe not quite as much as we had last year where we discovered an uneaten Easter egg in the top of the cupboard at the end of the year. Unfortunately it was inedible (and here was me thinking that chocolate didn’t really go off!).

Then again I found some Christmas chocolates yesterday, which were on top of the cupboards and forgotten about (which is often what happens when I am organised and buy things early). There were also five regular mince pies and two mini ones. It’s OK though as now there are only five regular mince pies and one mini one because Brodie decided that he absolutely had to have a mini mince pie right then regardless of how long they’d been up there. (Don’t worry, he’s still alive.)

The worst ever Blyton book covers


My Enid Blyton hallway

Once upon a time there lived an Uncle and Aunt who didn’t believe in fairies. They lived on the edge of a wood, and though Ben and Mary, their nephew and niece, knew perfectly well that the wood was simply full of fairy folk, Uncle John and Aunt Judy said it was all nonsense.

Well, you can just predict that Uncle John and Aunt Judy are going to run into some fairies at some point, aren’t they? This is the beginning of the story Fairy Easter Eggs from Teachers World volume XXXIII, 1925, and you can read it in full here.



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