A dirty dozen of search terms

Yes, this is the twelfth time I’ve bored you (if you’ve bothered to read these posts) by sharing the wild and wonderful search terms that populate part of the blog’s stats section.

That’s not her name

As always our favourite author’s name has been mangled, but it’s not just limited to the (hard to spell?) Enid Blyton. Others have been given the same treatment. (Many of these are just careless typing, but no disrespect is intended to anyone with dyslexia or any other condition that would make spelling difficult. It’s just amusing to see how many different ways Enid Blyton can be typed).

Emid Blyton food – I had a few searches for Emid back in 2017 and she’s back again, along with

Erid Blyton stories

And the French sounding Enid Bouton character info, the character in question being one Bill Cuningham.

Then it’s Eileen Soper’s turn with Famous Five covers Sopher

And lastly I had Michele Galagher Famouse Five actress. Michele is correct, though a more unusual spelling, but Gallagher does have two Ls. And of course it’s famous, unless there’s been a rodent spin off that I’m unaware of.

Good questions

Sometimes I get some insightful questions.

enid blyton petition I don’t know what we’d be petitioning but I’d quite possibly be behind it (unless it was to ban Blyton, of course).

Do Bets and Fatty get married? I’d like to think so but of course Blyton ended the series long before that would even be possible.

The Famous Five Lego Something I wish actually existed. My Treasure Island Lego Build, and my Five on a Hike ones were distinctly amateur.

What’s the name of a(n) Enid Blyton book where the children go behind a waterfall? That would be The Valley of Adventure.

Five on a Treasure island comtimuity error (Darn that pesky M and N being so close on the keyboard…) Do they mean Alf becoming James later? Or something else? Continuity error

St Andrews book Enid Blyton chapter 20 I’m touched that this person considered the fanfic here worthy of calling a book when they wanted to read chapter 20.

Why did they give Julian a broken leg in Five Have a Wonderful Time? Because the actor genuinely broke his leg, playing football which I believe they were not meant to do during filming just in case someone got hurt…

How can Bruno Vincent use Enid Blyton’s book characters? because he has the permission of the copyright holders. Most of the time these continuations happen because the copyright holders (currently Hodder) approach writers with an idea for books they want written.

What kind of scientist was Quentin Kirrin? It’s never made very clear, but possibly a physicist as he was concerned with creating an energy source.

The mustery of Uncle Quentin I assume this is meant to say mystery, or is this a new amalgamated word meaning a musty mystery? Anyway, what mystery is Uncle Quentin involved in? The Mystery of how Aunt Fanny puts up with him? The Mystery of how he can do complex scientific equations and yet can’t spread his toast with butter instead of mustard?

Miss Grayling Malory Towers actress change Yes you’re not imagining it, Miss Grayling changed between series one and two. I’m not sure why, but I assume that the original actress was unavailable.

Strange questions

Malory Towers lesbian sex erotica Definitely none of that here. Try Archive of Our Own!

timmy d dog in famous5 dtill alivefamous five 1970s drunk I’ve left this one exactly as it appeared as it makes the drunk on the end much more apt. No Timmy is not still alive as dogs don’t generally live for 50 odd years. I also don’t know if the dog ever got drunk.

Naughties Girl book where someone attempts suicide If they meant the Naughtiest Girl then no, there definitely isn’t a plot as dark as that!

Uncle Quentin spanks the Famous Five I believe Uncle Quentin makes a threat or two but he never actually spanks any of the children, let alone all of them. Spankings seems to feature highly in the search terms for some reason though.

Briefing on Enid Blyton’s Five in a Secret Trail of Famous Five I get a lot of searches for synopsis and summaries but briefing is a new one.

Malory Towers woke the less said the better

Is there a monkey in Enid Blyton animal stories? At first I thought this was was a bit vague but I suspect they are talking about the 2019 collection. I haven’t got this and there isn’t a contents list online so I can’t answer that. 

Are you sure you’re in the right place?

Strict mature matron This is possibly a reference to a Malory Towers matron? But the wording seems odd.

Lucy you can’t divide a bigger number into a smaller number you can if you’re stupid peanuts This one I assume is about the cartoon Peanuts as there’s a character called Lucy in that, I think. No idea how they landed here, though.

Puppy parachute Nope, none of that here. Well, there is now, but there wasn’t before.

Buff mortarn buffy bookset I have no idea, none at all. I can’t get any Google results for Buff Mortarn (or Buff Morton), or see how that’s connected to Buffy, but I have at least mentioned Buffy books on the blog.



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3 Responses to A dirty dozen of search terms

  1. Suzy Howlett says:

    Ha ha! Nice post!


  2. Antoinette says:

    these are one my favorite things to read in this blog, just makes me laugh everytime!!


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