Monday #486

I was going to begin today’s post by lamenting about promising a review of the Jacqueline Wilson Faraway Tree book last week, and then not delivering. (I was only halfway through the book by the time Friday came around and I didn’t feel like it would work if I reviewed the book in two halves. It may end up being two posts still, but I’d rather divide them by themes/topics).

Anyway, what actually happened was that I also failed to schedule last Monday’s post, so I never made the promise in the first place…

It’s August now so hopefully this will be a better month. I ended up losing a whole week in July as I had another bout of illness (I felt significantly worse than I had when I had Covid in June) – hence at least some of the blogging gaps last month.

July round up


The Magic Faraway Tree: A New Adventure by Jacqueline Wilson

“Hello, little bunny!” Birdy whispered too, though it almost came up to her knees.

“See how its ears are twitching,” Milo whispered. “It’s listening to us!”

“I am listening,” said the rabbit. “But it’s hard to hear exactly what you’re saying because you’re whispering.”

The older children meet their first magical creature in Jacqueline Wilson’s modern version of The Magic Faraway Tree. Birdy – the one who already believes in magic has already met a fairy, though no-one believes her.

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