Monday #488

That’s two weeks in a row that I have managed to write and publish two posts, I wonder how long I can keep it up for? Brodie starts school tomorrow so I will have a little more time on my hands (even if the school run is much longer than the nursery one was!).



Five on Finniston Farm part 2

“Blackberries, blackberries,” sang Betty, as they came to the common. “Dozens of blackberries, hundreds of blackberries, thou…”

Where are all these blackberries you’re singing about? asked Jocko, stopping and looking around. “I can only see a few rather unripe ones on that bush over there.”

“Oh well, there’ll be plenty further on!” said Betty.

Only there aren’t any more blackberries on the common as some gypsies have already harvested them to sell. The children have to look elsewhere, which is how they come to stumble upon the Hidey-Hole in the book’s title.

the hidey-hole


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