Monday #501

Two weeks ago I marked ten years of the blog. Then I came down with tonsillitis (very florid tonsillitis according to my doctor…) and wasn’t up to doing much of anything for a week. Not a great start to my 11th year of blogging, but never mind. After a course of antibiotics I’m back on my feet and writing again.

Malory Towers on TV series two, episode 13


2022 Christmas gift guide

I telephoned Imogen Smallwood and discussed my hopes with her. Imogen gave me Barbara [Stoney]’s address and suggested I write to her.

Normal Wright remembers how he organised the first Enid Blyton Day in the Enid Blyton Society Journal #79. I envy the casualness in the way he says he telephoned Enid’s daughter!




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4 Responses to Monday #501

  1. pete9012s says:

    Congratulations on ten wonderful years Fiona.
    A very good blog – consistently full of the most interesting articles and information.
    Best Wishes



  2. nlgbbbblth says:

    Agree with Pete, always a great read. Hope you get well soon Fiona.


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