Monday #502

My first Christmas post of the year went up last week. There may be more yet, there may not, as I might have exhausted the Blyton Christmas material that I have! While I figure that one out I have come up with other posts in the mean time.

Malory Towers on TV: A series two overview


Enid Blyton references in other works of fiction part 2

Ronnie, Susie and George were all feeling very sad. Not so much because they were going back to their boarding-schools in a few days, but because when they next broke up for the holidays, their lovely home, Grey Towers, would belong to someone else!

Why can’t we keep it for ourselves?” asked Susie. “Mother, it’s been our home, and Daddy’s home, and Grandpa’s home, and even Great-Grandpa’s home! Why have we got to leave? It ought to be our home too!”

“Well, dear, we’re poor now,” said her mother. “We can’t afford to keep up a big place like this, even though it has belonged to us for three hundred years! Our family used to be rich, you know, in your great-great-grandfather’s time. But then he offended a friend of the king of that day and he was stripped of all his money and the famous family jewels.”

All of them?” said Ronnie, who had heard this story before. “I thought, Mother, that great-great-grandpa hid some of his treasure.”

This is the beginning of Smuggler’s Cave, originally published in the Evening Express in 1945 it was then used in The Enid Blyton Treasury in 1947. The premise of the story will be familiar if you’ve read The Treasure Hunters (1940), but has elements also seen in The Rockingdown Mystery, The Secret of Spiggy Holes and many other Blyton stories.


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11 Responses to Monday #502

  1. rashmi varma says:

    Thanks so much for this information. Smugglers Cave is a seperate book, then?  I have not heard of this book as such,but would love toknow if editions are available? Rashmi Varma. 


  2. pete9012s says:

    Fiona, have you featured NODDY MEETS FATHER CHRISTMAS 1955?
    I only came across it recently – Regards Pete.


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