Monday #513

I have reached the end of my list of ideas that I had at the start of the year, but I managed to come up with enough for this week without too much trouble. I need to get my thinking cap on for the next few weeks, though!

Enid Blyton references in memoirs


Five Have Plenty of Character by Vanessa Tobin

And then a dog walked into the ring all by himself! The children gasped.

Selected because this also got a genuine gasp from Brodie the other night as he hung on my every word. For context Wagger – the dog who walks in – has been left outside the dog show as Mummy says he’s an ugly mongrel (rather harsh!).

The illustration below is from The Eighth Holiday Book, but we are reading it in Enid Blyton’s Holiday Stories. It’s not illustrated so when I paused after those lines Brodie made his own guess that it would be Wagger – while the illustration in the Holiday Book (and presumably in Sunny Stories where it first appears) actually gives it away. Mind you, so does the title – Wagger Goes to the Show – but I hadn’t read that out and he can’t read yet!





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1 Response to Monday #513

  1. jillslawit says:

    Good for Wagger! How very dare Mummy call him ugly!!


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