Dead Leaves – A poem by Enid Blyton

I’ve been admiring all the autumn leaves when I’ve been out recently, and then I read this poem and thought I should share it.

Did I hear some one say that the leaves were dead?
Well, it’s quite a mistake, for in brown, gold and red
They’re hustling,
Rustling about,
Scurrying out,
Lively and mischievous, merry and gay –
No, I don’t think the leaves can be dead to-day!

The Poem “Dead Leaves” by Enid Blyton, as it is written in the book “The Enid Blyton Poetry Book” (School Edition) published in 1934.

What are the leaves like where you are?

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9 Responses to Dead Leaves – A poem by Enid Blyton

  1. Sarah (Spitfire) says:

    Very enjoyable – very Enid! I think it’s a great idea to post poems, as I suspect that lots of people who love her stories won’t be that familiar with her poems (at least, that’s the case with me!).

    Love the pic too!


  2. ARCHANA says:

    yes i told this poem in my school and got a certificate..thanks fionab.


  3. arshed says:

    yes i told this poem in my school and got a certificate. thank lot of thanks…superbbbbbbbbb


  4. anna2001 says:

    i think its a beautiful poem…..


  5. Doreen Hardy says:

    Thanks for the ‘Dead Leaves’ poem by Enid Blyton. I learnt it at school by heart over 70 years ago and we were taught this version except for the second line that went like this. Well, it can’t be true, because, in brown, gold and red. It sounds better this way to me. Would like to know just how it was wrote.
    Doreen Hardy


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