Fiona’s 10 Facts About the Famous Five and Me

Again I find myself inspired to blog by a post of Stef’s (hope you don’t think I’m too much of a copycat!) I too had previously written my 10 facts on the Enid Blyton Society forums, and have reworked them for this blog.

1. Several of my Fives (the first ones I owned) were passed down from my mum, her sisters and cousin. Most of them were very tatty (missing spines and ripped bits) as well as being a bit scribbled on and coloured in. Luckily I was raised to look after my books!

My tatty hand-me-down copies

My tatty hand-me-down copies that got me hooked.

2. I was unbelievably excited when I learned there was to be a Famous Five TV series in the 90s. I used to watch it on CITV after I came home from school and I would shoosh anyone who dared to talk during it.

Opening titles of the 90s Famous Five TV series

Opening titles of the 90s Famous Five TV series

3. When I was little I sort of wanted to marry Julian.

Ah, Julian!

The real, original, Eileen Soper Julian.

4. For my 9th birthday my mum made me a cake in the shape of a Hodder copy of Five go to Smuggler’s Top. My friend Lesley arrived at my party and squealed “Ooh I love this one!” and then tried to open it (I won’t say any more as I’ve already blogged about that story!)

That famous cake

That famous cake

5. The first Blyton books I read alone were some of the Famous Fives – and I misread the signature on the cover. I asked my mum who “Guid Bloton” (pronounced ‘Guide Blotton’) was. I also thought the author was male as “Guid(e)” must be a man’s name.

See? It totally could be read as "Guid Bloton"

See? It totally could be read as “Guid Bloton”

6. My friend Lesley (of cake-opening fame) and I used to play at the Famous Five in my bedroom. Typically my top bunk was a tower, castle or cliff and we’d use a skipping rope, well, as a rope, and we’d escape into our boat (a washing basket we’d appropriated from my mum). We had a fairly small stuffed dog toy playing the role of Timmy (the rest of the time he went by the name ‘Captain’…) though I don’t remember either of us deciding to be George or Anne, or even one of the boys. We were still Fiona and Lesley and WE were the Famous Five.

Everything you need to pretend to be the Famous Five

Everything you need to pretend to be the Famous Five – just add imagination.

7. I bought the 70s TV series on DVD from eBay, and it turned out to be a knock-off. I still have it, though I’ve not watched it all. I even made my own covers for the cases.

DVD case covers made by me

DVD case covers made by me

8. I re-read the whole series in order every year or so, and I must have read each of the books at least 20 times.

All 21 books, due a re-read any time now.

All 21 books, due a re-read any time now.

9. Having replaced most of my Famous Fives with original editions I now have two first editions, Five Go to Demon’s Rocks and Five are Together Again (both without a dustjacket).

My two first editions

My two first editions

10. I’m gutted that I lost the [second edition] dustjacket from Five Go to Smuggler’s Top sometime in my teens.

The dustjacket I lost

The dustjacket I lost

Illustrations from the Cave of Books

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3 Responses to Fiona’s 10 Facts About the Famous Five and Me

  1. Pete says:

    Just love that cake, any left?


  2. Francis says:

    Fiona, those original books look very well loved! What a lovely childhood you had – I think we can call you an honorary member of the Famous Five. Have your mum’s cake skills transferred themselves to you?


  3. I remember making the cake very well. I also remember when you asked me about Guide Blotton. I was unable to answer because I was laughing so much. It’s odd that I made you take such care of your books when I had ruined so many with my scribbling and colouring! I did love all my books very much though.


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