We’re trying to get back to our usual routine here, so it’s back to my turn to write the Monday post.

We had a couple of exciting moments behind-the-scenes on the blog this week. We reached 21,000 views and we smashed our most views-per-day stat twice! Our previous best was 213 in a single day, so we were excited when we hit 251 on July 1st.

Our stats on July 1st

Our stats on July 1st

We couldn’t believe it then, when the very next day we had even more views! As you can see we reached 300! Actually we hit 301 but I took the screenshot at 300 because it’s a nice round number.

Three hundred views on July 2nd

Three hundred views on July 2nd

Ok, enough of the numbers and onto what we’ll be posting this week.

On Wednesday we will have the second chapter of Poppy’s fanfiction; The Marsh of Adventure.

Stef’s going to share her barley sugar recipe with us (if you make some don’t let Timmy have any, he just crunches them up and it’s such a waste!)

And I’m going to… write something, I promise! I have no idea what just yet.

Have a great week!

P.S. Well done Andy Murray, first British men’s singles winner of Wimbledon in 77 years! (He’s also the first Scot to win since 1896!)

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