Melting Monday

Blimey it’s a teeny bit hot isn’t it? We’re heading right for a Blyton summer if we’re not too careful! I shall feel like the Famous Five on their train down to Cornwall tomorrow I’m sure, as I’m taking the six hour train journey to go and visit Fiona in Scotland!

Last week, we reached 22,000 views on the blog, for which we are very grateful. Its lovely to know that we’re reaching so many people!

In that same theme, we are just ONE FOLLOWER AWAY from 100 followers on the blog! Don’t forget to click “Follow” when you visit us and you could be in for a smashing prize!

Unfortunately I can’t offer you any more wonderful statistics after last week’s record breaking number of views.

This week is going to be one of those strange ones, because we have no Wednesday contributor this week, and we want to keep you waiting for the next installment of Poppy’s Marsh of Adventure. We shall be putting forward a poem by Enid Blyton about “The Sea” for our Wednesday post instead.

As for what’s coming from Fiona and myself, well, that’s a good question! Fiona isn’t sure what she will favour us will, perhaps another review of an Enid Blyton biography, or a stand alone review? Well you and I, dear readers, shall have to keep guessing until she posts!

As for me, well I’ve got a lot of half written blogs. I may find time this week to finish a Old Thatch blog I had been working on, or start anew and review the last book in the Malory Towers series.

I think the heat as rendered us a little higgledy piggledy this week, because apart from the Wednesday post you have a LOT of surprises!

In the meantime I shall leave you with some pictures that I took of some of the flowers in my garden after getting my camera back this week.


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1 Response to Melting Monday

  1. chrissie777 says:

    Lovely pics!
    Have a wonderful time with Fiona in Scotland!


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