Poppy Dresses – A poem by Enid Blyton

Poor Stef’s not been very well for the past few days and on top of that she’s had some computer problems. Unfortunately that means she’s not been able to finish her blog for this week. Instead here’s another of Blyton’s lovely little poems.

When the poppies drop their petals
Gay and bright,
Fairy folk run up to get them
Every night.

All their dresses, coats and bonnets
They can make
Of the fallen poppy petals
That they take!

See them in their party dresses,
Aren’t they grand?
They are off to dance all night
In Fairyland!

First published in Sunny Stories No.132 July 21, 1939. Copied from The Eleventh Holiday Book published 1956 by Sampson Low.

An array of poppy pictures by Stef and Fiona

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