Last Monday in October

October is nearly over, which means it’s almost November and the blog’s first birthday. The weather is definitely getting worse, temperatures are dropping nearly as fast as the leaves are falling from the trees.

On Wednesday you can read the next chapter of The Marsh of Adventure, Poppy’s Adventure Series fanfic.

Stef has decided to review Round the Year With Enid Blyton – Autumn Book, very fitting for this time of year.

After not managing to blog at all last week I will hopefully finish either my Seven Stories blog or my Amelia Jane one.

We hit 32,000 views this week, and at this rate will have had more than 33,000 by our birthday, exciting times!

As always, I have stuck some photos up for you all, though not as many as usual as we have had poor weather and I’ve not been out with my camera so often.

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5 Responses to Last Monday in October

  1. Congratulations on your first birthday! I can’t believe I’ve been blogging since 2011 – where does the time go? I loved all your pictures but especially the last one.


  2. chrissie777 says:

    It’s slowly getting better. This time I was able to see 2 pics out of seven.
    Lovely photos as usual. Thank you, Fiona!


  3. Pete says:

    Loved leaves in the sun…superb!


  4. Francis says:

    Happy birthday – I love this blog! Great photos, Fiona – love the yellow wagtail. Weather still lovely and warm down here so hopefully we can blow it your way!


    • fiona says:

      Thanks Francis, but do you realise you are a year late? This is last year’s post, though it’s a coincidence that I wrote this one and the current years one and gave them the same title!


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