I hate to speak too soon but I think it might have stopped raining?

I hope so, we had some really nice springy weather yesterday, in which I went for a walk in, with my dear friend Catherine (and managed to seriously twist my ankle something rotten) but never the less it was  nice change to be able to go for a walk and not have to worry about the rain.

Anyway this week, we have another chapter of Cathy’s Rosewood Mystery, catch up with the latest here. Fiona is doing her last part of her Five on a Treasure Island Updates.

Now from me, well that’s a bit tricky, does anyone mind if we play pot luck? Sorry I’m so lax at the moment, but at least we’ve had no complaints about how many chapters of The Missing Papers you’ve been getting from me! Anyway, we shall see what I can manage to give you!

In other news we reached 102 followers over on our Twitter Page  if you have twitter, please check us out and give us a follow! We do tweet some very interesting Blyton stuff I promise! You can even read about Fiona’s book  nightmares!

Right so a bit of a change to end things on this week, I thought I would share a poem I have written with you about the Long Mynd in Shropshire, titled Silence in the Hills.

Silence in the Hills

At the end of Summer,
When all the walkers have gone home,
The hills stand silent and lonely,
Except for the cries of the birds
and the bleats of the sheep.
The hills fall silent through the absence of people
The wind rushes through the bracken
So the hills begin to whisper

At night the hills are cold,
and only wildlife should roam their slopes
As the stars sparkle in the velvet dark sky,
the silence takes control
Sometimes a mist descends,
coating the hills in swirling white
covering them like a woolen blanket
making the hills more silent then before

When it lifts, the silence stays,
and the buzzing of life returns,
but all in all, the silence stays
sometimes more silent than before
rich, and textured and wild.
The silent hills call to all,
wanting to team with life.

Cardingmill Valley, The Long Mynd, Shropshire June 2013 by Stephanie Woods

Cardingmill Valley, The Long Mynd, Shropshire June 2013 by Stephanie Woods

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11 Responses to Monday

  1. chrissie777 says:

    Why would somebody complain about the “Missing Papers” chapters? The more, the better!
    But I would like to know when Poppy will write another “Marsh of Adventure” chapter? It seems to me as if there was only one this year so far.


  2. chrissie777 says:

    Usually I don’t care for poems, but this one is beautiful.
    Of course I enjoy Ern’s & Fatty’s “potry” (hope the spelling is right :)) from the FFO & Dog.


  3. Anonymous says:

    What a great poem, Stef and of a place that has some very happy youthful memories of the 1950s – long before you were even a ‘twinkle’!


  4. Lin says:

    I think you live in a beautiful place, Stef! You’ve captured so many beautiful sceneries and places since at the beginning of this blog. 🙂


  5. Lin says:

    I’m not sure but I think Fiona haven’t finished writing the article about the comparison between the original text and modern text of Treasure Island. When can we expect to read the next one?
    P/s: when is the next Blyton food recipe will be posted?


    • pippastef says:

      Fiona will be posting her next comparison this weekn Lin. And the next recipe shall be available when I have time to make one. As it stands if anyone else wants to bake something, and sent the pictures and recipe in for us to put up, that would be smashing!


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