Last Monday in April

So I did more book buying this week, oops. Here’s what I got:


From left to right: The Shuddering Mountain Game (unfortunately without the cards and die but I have another of the series, found in the very same charity shop no less, so I had to buy it), An Exciting Term (my second Angela Brazil, though I’ve not read the other yet), The Song of the Abbey (#37  of 38 in the Elsie J. Oxenham series) and The Red Flower Mystery by Juliat Marais Louw (another Collins Seagull Library title).

They were £3 or under each so I think I did not too badly. That charity shop (Barnardo’s Books) had a good selection of Blytons actually (and a half-decent forgery of her signature) and I snapped a few photos with my phone.

And then Waterstone’s had three of their little recommendation tags for Blyton’s books. Not sure I agree with the one about Malory Towers though!

I really should read/play the Famous Five games I have and review them for the blog!

This week though I’ll be carrying on with my Malory Towers text changes, but maybe the next week if I can find time.

We’ve got a new contributor this week, who has written a short Famous Five piece, a sort of “missing chapter” to one of the books. And there will be more fan fic from Stef too, as she’ll be putting up the next chapter of her St Andrews story.

And so now it’s picture time.

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