Whit Monday

It’s Whit Monday and I feel it’s time for some confessions. Of a book-buying nature, of course. My books from my trip down south arrived last week, and I had an exciting five minutes going through them all and remembering what I’d bought!

So for your vicarious joy, here are some of my new books.



First are the radio plays of three of Malcolm Saville’s Lone Pine books, Mystery at Witchend, Seven White Gates and The Gay Dophin Adventure. 

Then my new Noddy books. #10, You Funny Little Noddy (£4),#14 N0ddy and the Bumpy Dog (£1), #15 Do Look Out Noddy! (£1) and #18 Noddy Goes to Sea (£2). The cheaper ones are rather tatty and lack dustjackets but at that price I’m not complaining. There were several more for £4-£5 but I was conscious of having to get them home so I did the sensible (and dull) thing of walking away!

Lastly, the McDonald’s Secret Seven stories (still in their plastic, so sorry for the glare!) L-R Hurry Secret Seven, Hurry!, Adventure on the Way Home, Where are the Secret Seven? and The Secret of Old Mill. I bought one myself in a McDonald’s (though the girl behind the counter didn’t have a clue what I was talking about at first, maybe it was the accent?) and the others were kindly given to me by Su as she had duplicates.

DSCN6472I also got Kits at Clyton Court School by May Wynne (£2 from Francis) and The Story of the Treasure Seekers by E Nesbit (£3).

Edited to add: Would you believe I forgot about two of my new books? Two of the Famous Five adventure games which as you can see, cost me £3 each. The Secret of the Airfield which seems to be missing the cards, and The Wailing Lighthouse which has never been opened by the looks of it.


Oh, and a handful of Nancy Drew paperbacks and Madame Doubtfire by Anne Fine but I’m sure you’re bored of looking at my books already.

So, down to business. Wednesday will be Cathy’s Barney Mysteries fic, Friday we’ll be back at Malory Towers to see what changes have been made to the text and Sunday will be a surprise from Stef.

I happened to catch the blog at this point last night:



62,000 views exactly.

Our photo blog has been running a week as of today, so if you haven’t already don’t forget to take a look!


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