Modern Noddy in Fuzzy Felt Toyland

A while back I did a post about the vintage Noddy Fuzzy Felt set I had bought. Well, I’ve just bought another Noddy Fuzzy Felt set, but this one is quite a bit more recent. The first one is from the mid 1960s, and the newer set is from the early 2000s. So not exactly brand new, around 15-18 years old, but it seems very shiny and new in comparison.


I got it on eBay and it was a bargain at £8 as I know the seller through the Enid Blyton Society Forums and he did a nice half price sale for Enid Blyton’s birthday.


This set has a slightly different cast to the first. Noddy is still there, of course, and in fact there are two different Noddy felts, plus Noddy in his car.

There are also Big-Ears, Mr Plod and Bumpy-Dog.

Instead of cats, dolls and teddies there is Tessie Bear, the Milkman who says milko and nods Noddy’s head every morning, and a strange little pea-like creature I don’t recognise, and of course the golly has been replaced with a goblin. There’s also a felt of Noddy’s car by itself.

Oh and there is also Jumbo the elephant who I somehow missed when I first took the photos.


Toyland is represented by a few background object. There are two sets of houses, a tree, the sun, a kite, a hot-air balloon (just like the one on the endpapers of the books) and a toyland train carrying Mr Wobbly-Man, Mr Sparks and a monkey.

It’s a very nice set, bright and clean. The listing said it had never been played with by children as it had belonged to an adult collector. I think that’s a bit of a shame actually, and I plan to let Brodie play with this one (but probably not the older one) when he’s a bit bigger.

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2 Responses to Modern Noddy in Fuzzy Felt Toyland

  1. jillslawit says:

    I love Fuzzy felts. I have some vintage ones, but not Noddy or Blyton-related.


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