Monday #283

August round up


Noddy fuzzy felts

Mr King is a tutor who is employed by the Lyntons to teach Dinah, Roger and Snubby on holiday in The Rockingdown Mystery. He arrives in Rockingdown and begins to teach, but the children also catch him sneaking around Rockingdown Manor after dark and not always being honest about his whereabouts. They begin to suspect that he is part of the strange noises and goings-on at Rockingdown but it turns out he has more in common with Bill Smugs than Mr Roland.

The Secret of Spiggy Holes is the second book of the Secret Series. The children – Jack included as part of the family – go to stay with Miss Dimmity at her strange little home called Peep-Hole. It is near the beach and some old smuggler’s caves which provide plenty of interest and excitement, but the children still find time to explore an empty house nearby. The house is suddenly inhabited, though, and the children are warned off. They are rather put-out but that turns to suspicion when a boy is seen at the tower window and he signals a strange message to them.


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