Monday #292

It’s bonfire night, tonight. Don’t forget to have a look at our post on Blyton’s Bonfires, Guys and Fireworks, it’s perfect for today.

Jack Arnold


Noddy, Toyland Detective

“That’s what I was afraid of. I thought you would pick up all sorts of horrid ways from those Taggerty children. If only your father hadn’t found out that Mr Taggerty was his old school friend!”

– Mrs Carleton, Those Dreadful Children

What Mrs Carleton doesn’t consider is that her children have some unpleasant ways themselves, and that actually they could learn quite a bit from the Taggertys.

This week we have the Bunkey. What’s a Bunkey, you ask? Why it’s part monkey and part bunny, of course.

The Bunkey is a mischievous creature whom Noddy meets in book #19, aptly named Noddy and the Bunkey. The Bunkey gets into all sorts of trouble while trying to be good and helpful to Noddy and his friends.

Noddy and the Bunkey

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