Monday #296

It’s December now, and you know what that means. It’s time to get festive!

A guide to all our Christmas posts


The Famous Five covers through the years, 1940s-1990s

“Now let me see,” said Father Christmas, taking out a fat notebook. “I want to go to Bouncing Ball Village. I hear that some of the balls I gave to children last year hadn’t got much bounce in them. I must inquire into that.”

Father Christmas is ferried around by Noddy, in Noddy Meets Father Christmas, to start putting in orders and requests for the coming Christmas.

Winter Stories is the latest Hodder story collection to come out. It has thirty stories about snowmen, sleigh rides, Santa’s elves and all sorts of wintry delights.

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2 Responses to Monday #296

  1. Dale Vincero Brisbane, Australia says:

    I googled “Five On Kirrin Island Again”, and I see what you mean: In one of the drawings from the front cover, George is looking through the wrong end of the telescope.


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