Monday #297

Just two weeks till Christmas now!

Enid Blyton gift guide


Five Go to Smuggler’s Top part 2

[The tree] stood in the hall, with coloured candles in holders clipped to the branches, and gay, shining ornaments hanging from top to bottom. Silver strands of frosted string hung down from the branches like icicles, and Anne had put bits of white cotton-wool here and there to look like snow. It really was a lovely sight to see.

George’s first Christmas tree, though for her it’s spoiled as it’s provided by her nemesis Mr Roland in Five Go Adventuring Again.

Five Go Adventuring Again

Noddy Meets Father Christmas is one of those rare(ish) books that could be called Christmassy without being set at Christmas. Father Christmas, of course, exists all year around, and in this book he is visiting Toyland to start ordering toys for the next Christmas. Noddy takes Father Christmas to lots of villages and towns where he can discuss his needs for toys and even gives feedback on last years toys. It all becomes a bit meta when he reveals he has been asked for lots of N&B dolls which turn out to be Noddy and Big Ears dolls!

noddy meets father christmas

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