Enid Blyton Christmas gift guide 2018

The Enid Blyton brand has really been growing lately, with ‘new’ books coming out and there have been some tie-in products over the last few years as well. Here’s a guide of what to get for your Blyton-loving friends and family, or indeed, what to suggest they could get for you!

Books, books and more books

Books are always a good gift.

Why not go for one of the new Hodder short story collections which bring together seasonal tales into a single volume.

How about Christmas Treats or Winter Stories if you want to give something apt for the current season, or Springtime Stories or Summer Holiday Stories to give them something to read next year?

Christmas Treats £6.99, Winter Stories £4.99, Springtime Stories £6.99, Summer Holiday Stories £6.99 All from Waterstones.

Or, for those that find them funny there are even more Famous Five for Grown-Up books by Bruno Vincent. For those who enjoyed Five on Brexit Island there’s now Five Escape Brexit Island, and for those who liked Five Go on a Strategy Away Day they might also like Five at the Office Christmas Party.

Five Escape Brexit Island £5.99, Five at the Office Christmas Party £5.99, both Waterstones.

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For fans of The Secret Seven there’s a new continuation book by Pamela Butchart Mystery of the Skull.

Mystery of the Skull £6.99 at Waterstones.

Also new is a Treasury of Bedtime Stories which is a chunky hardback book of over 300 pages. It is fully illustrated as well, and the illustrations look quite nice from what I’ve seen. Modern, but not as ‘whacky’ as some other recent ones. There’s also a Wishing Chair Collection containing

Treasure of Bedtime Stories £17.94 on Amazon

Of course you could always go with an old classic (or two). If you’ve got cash to splash a first edition of their favourite title would make a great gift.

Gifts for grown-ups

Here’s one I’ve asked for myself – a light in the shape of a book. And not just any book – a book with Five on a Treasure Island as the cover. It’s a pity it’s not the original edition cover but I was just happy to find a Blyton one at all.

Classic Enid Blyton book light £44.95 at Klevercase. (They do lots of classic books as lamps, Kindle covers and file storage boxes. I want it all!)

Something else I’ve asked for is a card game:

By Jove! Entertainment For Kids – Five Go Parenting. It has 100 activities and games for children. I have no idea what to except if I get it, I mean it’s a game based on a book based on the Famous Five series.

There are two more games by the same company too. What Ho! After Dinner Games Five Give Up the Booze has 50 after dinner games and Dash It All! Trivia Quiz Five on Brexit Island has 400 British Questions.

By Jove! Entertainment For Kids £10, What Ho! After Dinner Games £10, Dash It All! Trivia Quiz Five on Brexit Island £10, all Amazon.

These are hard to find online anywhere if you’ve forgotten the names of the company or individual games. They don’t have Famous Five or Bruno Kay on them, and Enid Blyton card game doesn’t seem to bring them up either. Still, they are low in stock so someone must be finding them!

There are also some 250 piece jigsaws based on the Bruno Vincent books. Blyton jigsaws for Grown-Ups should surely be more challenging than 250 pieces? I’ve not asked for any of these mostly because it would only take me fifteen minutes to complete one!

Five Go Parenting Jigsaw £5.99, Five Lose Dad in the Garden Centre Jigsaw £5.99, Five on Brexit Island Jigsaw £5.99 all on Amazon.

There is the jigsaw I got last year, though, and that’s 1,000 pieces.Famous Five 1,000 piece puzzle £16.95 on Amazon

Gifts for children*

Beyond the obvious of any book Blyton ever wrote, there are some toys and games as well. They are pretty much all based on Noddy: Toyland Detective, though. You can get items from other series but they are harder to find, more expensive and liable to be more fragile as they are much older. I’ve found Noddy Fuzzy Felts from the 50s and 90s but I wouldn’t necessarily set a child loose with them.

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There are some sticker/ activity books like Let’s Investigate and Fun With Friends.

Let’s Investigate £4.99, Fun With Friends £4.99, both on Amazon

Plus this year there’s a one-off edition of This Is Magazine, all about Enid Blyton. It comes with a few freebies including pencils and stickers, as well as having 200 pages of stories, puzzles and quizzes.

This Is Enid Blyton £4.99, DC Thompsons (also in WH Smiths etc)

Or there’s a Noddy floor puzzle and a set of four Noddy jigsaws.

24 piece floor puzzle £8.79, Noddy 4 in 1 puzzle £10.63, both on Amazon.

And as for toys there are various figurines and playsets like plush toys, friction cars, craft supplies etc.


Who What Where Tablet £19.99, Set of four 8 inch plush toys £14.95, Noddy Rev N Go Car £13.29 Jumbo chubby colouring crayons £3.25. All on Amazon – though I’ve found the car for £5 in-store at B&M Bargains, branded as Oiu-Oui (the French version).

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P.S. I am not affiliated with Amazon in any way, and I get nothing for posting links to their items. It’s just that a lot of this stuff is only available on Amazon (I did check Argos, Smyths etc for the toys).

*Or people of any age!

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4 Responses to Enid Blyton Christmas gift guide 2018

  1. drake says:

    loathe the way Brand Blyton is exploited and the so called adult Blyton p takes are simply disrespectful to the authors work


  2. Patricia says:

    That’s what’s so great about Blyton. She’s so rock solid a part of the UK cultural icons that her brand can withstand any knockabout send ups. Still smiling at some of these outlandish titles – reminds me of the irreverent Saunders, French & Co’s Five Go… TV series.


  3. sunflowers62 says:

    Thanks for sharing all the gifts you can buy about Enid Blyton. I did not know things like that were available but then I guess i was not looking. The puzzles look interesting and the This is magazine does too. Cant buy them on my side of the world but maybe through amazon.


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