Monday #302

I treated myself to the Enid Blyton edition of This Is Magazine and it arrived this week. It has a lot of freebies with it and I plan to review it all soon.

Christmas and birthday present round up


The Adventure Series covers through the years part 1: Stuart Tresilian

Noddy and His Car is the third book in the Noddy series, and is the first book he works as a taxi driver. Noddy being Noddy, it does not all go smoothly of course. He hasn’t got his pricing sorted, he catapults his first passenger out of his car by mistake and then loses her tail. His second passenger loses his hat and gets stuck in Noddy’s little car. After his first day of work he owes more than he has earned.

It all works out in the end, though, which is fortunate or Noddy would have been looking for another job!

Lucian is a boy the Mannering and Trents meet on board their cruise ship in The Ship of Adventure. He is friendly and well-meaning but is also a bit foolish and awkward. He latches on to the children as there’s nobody else his age around and he is stuck with his aunt and unpleasant Uncle.

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