Letters to Enid 14: From volume 2 issue 2

Previous letters pages can be found here.

Again there is no regular letters page as instead we have the remaining prize winners from the Christmas competition.

From the newsletter at the back of the magazine:

NO LETTER PAGE. I am giving this up again in order to complete the list of the Queen’s-Message prize-winning names. It is so very exciting to see your name in print, isn’t it, and fathers and mothers like to see it too. All parents are delighted when one of their children does well. You should just see some of the letters I get from your mothers when you succeed in anything!

Competition winners from Volume 2, issue 2. January 20th-February 2nd 1954


Here are the rest of the messages sent to the queen.

I am sending you and the Duke of Edinburgh, best wishes for a very Happy Christmas, from my two little sisters and myself. We hope you have an enjoyable time in New Zealand and that the rest of your tour will be just as pleasant.
Vivian Matthews, aged 9,
Grays, Essex.

On behalf of the children of Horton Bank Top Primary School, I send you our warmest wishes for a Merry Christmas. Although you are hundreds of miles away I know that every British boy and girl is thinking of you today, and we hope that when you think of  your own children you will also remember us.
June Lombers, aged 10,
Bradford, Yorks.

Christmas Greetings and New Years Wishes from the children of Wivenhoe County Primary School. We hope you and the Duke of Edinburgh will enjoy yourselves on your tour of the Commonwealth.
Shane Parker, aged 10, 
Wivenhoe, Essex

My dear and much loved Queen,
Most gracious lady ever seen,
First sovereign round the world to fly,
Emblem of peace none can deny.
May your Christmas happy be
With all your Empire family.
A day with all your peoples dead,
So memorable in future years.
When you return our cry will be,
“God bless our Queen and long live she.”
Denise Yarker, aged 11,
Burley-in-Wharfe, Yorks.

As Christmas draws near and you are so far away from those who are nearest and dearest to you, may I, in my small way, wish you the happiest Christmas ever.
As you are taking your message of Goodwill and friendship to all your subjects overseas, we shall be thinking of you here at home, and when we hear your voice speaking to us on Christmas Day you will not seem so very far away from us.
Please accept my greeting as coming from all your children here in England.
Margaret Peat, aged 13,
Sheffield, Yorks.

The Children of Cholmondeley School would like to wish you and the Duke of Edinburgh a Happy Christmas and Prosperous New Year. We will all be thinking of you in England and looking forward to hearing your voice. We offer our sincere good wishes for a long, happy and peaceful reign.
Marjorie Griffiths, aged 14,
Malpas, Cheshire


I wonder if Marjorie ever thought that the Queen’s reign would still be going 65 years later?

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