Monday #336

Letters to Enid part 14


If you like Blyton: The Cherrys by Will Scott

The Twins at St Clare’s is the first book in the St Clare’s series. The titular twins, Pat and Isabel don’t want to go to St Clare’s, they want to go somewhere much posher, so when they get to St Clare’s they rebel and refuse to follow the rules. They only make things miserable for themselves, however, and soon realise that St Clare’s is a good school, and perhaps their classmates could be good friends too.

Jimmy Brown starts out the Galliano’s Circus books as a pretty average child. Actually, that doesn’t really change, he stays down-to-earth and kind, but instead of average village child be becomes average circus child. He and his family join Galliano’s Circus, and Jimmy quickly makes friends with more of less everyone in the circus, always helping out and enjoying all the wonderful experiences that go along with living in a working circus.

He even becomes a performer himself after teaching his beloved dog Lucky to do tricks.

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