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Monday #364

I’m excited to watch the new Malory Towers adaptation which is coming to the BBC iPlayer today. It might make self-isolation that little bit more bearable. If it wasn’t for Brodie I would be devouring books – many by Blyton … Continue reading

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Monday #336

Letters to Enid part 14 and If you like Blyton: The Cherrys by Will Scott The Twins at St Clare’s is the first book in the St Clare’s series. The titular twins, Pat and Isabel don’t want to go to … Continue reading

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The Mr Galliano’s Circus covers through the years

Seeing as I like looking at all the different cover designs that Enid Blyton’s books have had over the years, I’ve decided it’s Mr Galliano’s Circus’ turn. I have already looked at The Famous Five, The Secret Series, The Adventure … Continue reading

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Monday #288

Putting the Find-Outers in Order and Five Run Away Together Mr Galliano’s Circus is more of a thing than a place but I think it can count for location of the week as wherever the circus folk set it up it … Continue reading

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Blyton’s strangest homes, part 2

Most of these are less strange than houses filled with secret passages, and castles with apparent ghosts, but they’re not exactly normal-every-day home for most people, either. CARAVANS A lot of Blyton’s characters live in caravans at one point or … Continue reading

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Who’s Who in Enid Blyton by Eva Rice, a (quite critical) review 2: School Stories

As you may remember I was fairly unimpressed with the first section of the book – Adventure Stories. My main issue was how some series had every conceivable character mentioned, while other series barely got two pages, as well as … Continue reading

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Poppy’s Book of the Month: Mr Galliano’s Circus

By Poppy Hutchinson Series: The Mr Galliano’s Circus Series Main Characters: Jimmy and Lotta Published: 1938 First Published By: George Newnes Rating (Out of 5): 5 Jimmy Brown, a young schoolboy, from a rather poor family is the main character … Continue reading

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My childhood books, part 3

Parts one and two covered Amelia Jane, the Famous Five, the Adventure Series and Malory Towers. Next I’m going to blether about the Secret Series, the Galliano’s Circus Series and the Adventurous Four. THE SECRET SERIES I’ve always liked the Secret Series, though … Continue reading

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Three irreplaceable books by Su

Over on the Enid Blyton Society forums, Poppy asked a question about what your top ten books would be to save. I did list ten, but of them all, only three books would be irreplaceable.  You may be thinking that … Continue reading

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Enid Blyton: A summary of her writing career

Enid Mary Blyton was born in 1897 and from a young age loved telling stories to her younger brothers, Hanly and Carey. She qualified as a teacher in 1918, and in 1921 won a writing competition and after her writing … Continue reading

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