Monday #443

This is going up slightly later than usual as I failed to remember to write this on Sunday evening as I normally do. So here I am, a day late, writing this and at the same time wondering what I can write this week. Preferably something that requires minimal research and can be written up in an hour or two (the Holy Grail of blog ideas, then).

Caves and ruins – the reality


Cunningham and Petrov: The Mystery of the Missing Children chapter 23

“Out, boy! Out, quickly!”

But Jimmy laughed. He went up to the roaring tiger and looked her in the eyes. He put his arm round her neck and pressed his face against her furry cheek. The great tiger purred happily, and suddenly rolled over on to her back to be tickled like a cat!

In Hurrah for the Circus! Jimmy Brown had gone in to the tigers’ cage to rescue Jemima the monkey from Ruby the tiger. Anyone else (except perhaps Philip Mannering) would have been mauled, but not Jimmy.


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