Monday #339


September round up


The Naughtiest Girl in the School covers through the years

Far below the waterfall resolved itself into a winding river that curved round the foot of the mountain. The children could not see where it went to. The tumbling water shone and sparkled as it fell, and here and there rainbows shimmered. Lucy-Ann thought she had never seen a lovelier sight.

The Adventure Series children see the huge waterfall in the valley for the first time in The Valley of Adventure.

The Little Tree-House is the first of five books about Josie, Click and Bun. Josie is a doll, Click is a clockwork-mouse and Bun is a baby rabbit. They meet when Josie and Click run away from their unkind owner, and find Bun who has been left out by his family. They decide to start a home together and move into an empty home inside a hollow tree.

The books are all picture-strip style with four large illustrations per page with a short piece of text underneath.


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