2019 Birthday and Christmas present round up

First I’ll admit that’s a slightly misleading title as I didn’t actually get any Blytonian presents for my birthday this year – gasp! I did get two Blytonian birthday cards, however.

There are a few cards out there based on the Famous Five for Grown-Up books. My cards were Five Go on a Digital Detox and Five Go to Party Island. They look just like the other books in the series and I actually had to check they weren’t real titles.

That reminds me I have a few of those books that I really must read, if only to write reviews saying how bad they are! Anyway, I fared much better for Christmas

Famous Five playing cards
These 1950s Pepys cards might look familiar to you. And so they should. I was given a set in 2013 and they had sat on my bookcase in the flat since we moved in 2015. Then last year I realised they were no longer there. I suspect they had fallen off and landed in the bin because I’ve searched everywhere for them. So now I have a nice new set (which is in slightly better condition than the old one, and even has the instructions and all the cards!)

Noddy happy family cards
I actually ordered these myself and gave them to Ewan to put in my stocking. I bid on a Faraway Tree set and a few other things but didn’t win. There are two sets of Noddy cards out there, a snap set by Pepys and this happy families one by Sampson Low (publishers of the Noddy books). This one is also complete and has the instructions.

Noddy party game
This is a Pepys game, a bit like my Famous Five party game but much more simple. The game is to find Noddy’s friends hidden on the cards.

New Class at Malory Towers
This is a short story collection by four different authors, set during Darrell’s time at Malory Towers. It will be interesting to see if any of them capture the essence of the original books.

The Adventure Series Nintendo DS game
This is a bit of a weird one, but I couldn’t resist asking for it as I actually have a (pink) Nintendo DS tucked away in the cupboard. All eight books can be read in full on the DS and you collect jigsaw pieces as you read to unlock puzzles and games. There are also quizzes on the books to unlock more pieces. The books are described as interactive, too, and the box says there are links in the text to view character profiles and play sound effects. The DS has two screens (one is a touch screen), so I imagine you can turn it sideways to read the book, a page to each screen but I suppose I will find out when I play. I will review it, of course, then!

Mystery and Mayhem
Not strictly a Blyton present but Katherine Woodfine, Elen Caldecott, Susie Day, Helen Moss and Robin Stevens all feature in our if-you-like-Blyton reviews.

So all in all I was very lucky (again). Reviews of most things are on the way, I bet you can’t wait!

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3 Responses to 2019 Birthday and Christmas present round up

  1. Hi Fiona,

    Not sure this really counts as even a late Christmas present!

    But I’ve just been making another attempt to read ‘Second Form at Malory
    Towers’, having been fairly disparaging about some of Enid’s school stories
    on your blog, to see if I was perhaps judging them unfairly. I proofread
    this one, to make the experience a bit more fun (for me).

    I found the story a bit thin in terms of plot, but not too bad, and you can
    read my revised version (with original illustrations) here:

    I have to say, on the whole (for school stories) I do prefer Greyfriars, as
    they are rather longer tales, so have more plot to them:

    ‘The Magnet’ was a weekly magazine for boys, published between 1908 and
    1940. The best years were 1925 to 1935.



  2. jillslawit says:

    I got the FF Pepys card game a few Christmases ago, it looked ace, but sadly I have no-one to play it with.


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