Monday #354

If you like Blyton: A guide to other authors


The Naughtiest Girl updated part 4

If I do try hard to be good, and do everything I ought to, will you please ask Miss Belle and Miss Best to let me go home?

Elizabeth Allen asks Rita to help her escape from Whyteleaf School in The Naughtiest Girl in the School.

bold bad girl

I’ve decided that I’m already sick of winter so I’ll take a break from winter-themed posts! Instead we will have The Secret Island. This is actually quite a serious book; children escaping from poverty and abuse and having to fend for themselves. Despite that is is full of fun and excitement as Jack, Mike, Peggy and Nora set up a life for themselves on their Secret Island. They make a house, a farm yard complete with animals, grow their own fruits and vegetables and run it together splendidly, whilst fending off the odd intruder.

Of course they can’t live there all their lives but the reason they leave the island is a happy one for them all.

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