Monday #402

Last Monday I said there would be a round up of our Christmas posts this weekend, but as I’ve not published on a Sunday in a while I’m in the habit of thinking my blogging week is done when the Friday post goes live. I was going to just republish and old round up, updated, so I’ll just stick the link in here instead:

Christmas round-up

This is all our Christmas-themed posts from present guides to recipes and book reviews to poems.

Stef and I have planned out our Christmas fic, featuring both the Famous Five and the Mannering/Trents as you voted, and so that will go up Christmas week.

Blyton search terms #11


Cunningham and Petrov: The Mystery of the Missing Agent chapter 23 (probably the penultimate chapter!)

Dear Santa Claus,

I am very fond of bears. If you can manage it, I should love to have one for Christmas. Thank you very much.

Love from Tony.

When Tony says he’s very fond of bears he means that he is a little bit obsessed with them, and he’s not asking for a teddy for Christmas, he’s asking for a real live bear. This is from Little Brown Bear which I found in the Bright Story Book. Because it didn’t have Christmas or Santa or Stocking in the title I didn’t know it was a Christmas story until tonight.



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