An updated round-up of Christmas posts 2019

We’ve done this once before but have written a lot since then – so here’s a new guide to all our Christmassy posts from the past six years. (I had written this ready to go up in December 2018, but due to a scheduling glitch it didn’t post! I have now updated it again and hopefully it will post this year.)

Book reviews

Enid Blyton’s Christmas Stories – one of Hodder’s short story collections.
Enid Blyton’s Christmas Treats – another Hodder short story collection.
Enid Blyton’s Christmas Stories Audio – the audio adaptation of the Hodder short story collection.

The First Christmas – Blyton’s retelling of the nativity story.
Noddy Meets Father Christmas – the 11th Noddy book.
The Christmas Book – a one-off novel about Christmas traditions.
Father Christmas and Belinda – a Collin’s Colour Camera Book.

Songs and poems

Christmas Gifts
Christmas News
In the Stable
Santa Claus Gets Busy
The Party

Guides and round ups

Blyton at Christmas – a guide to stories, books, poems, puzzles and more.
Christmas bits from Enid Blyton’s Magazine
More Christmas stories

Winter and Christmas reads – a guide to Blyton’s seasonal novels
Part 1
Part 2

Decorating for Christmas
Decorating the Blyton way

Christmas illustrations
Eileen Soper at Christmas

Blyton Christmas Presents

We’ve been lucky enough to get lots of Blyton goodies for Christmas (and birthdays):
Birthday/Christmas 2019
Birthday/Christmas 2018
Birthday/Christmas 2017
Birthday/Christmas 2016
Birthday/Christmas 2015
Christmas 2015
Birthday/Christmas 2014
Birthday/Christmas 2013
Christmas 2012

And we’ve come up with some ideas for gifts for other Blyton fans:
Gift guide 2020
Gift guide 2019
Gift guide 2018

We’ve even thought about what Blyton’s characters would have been given:
What would Enid Blyton’s characters be unwrapping?


Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without a ton of food!
Mince Pies
Gingerbread by Katie Stewart

Plus we have lots more recipes which can be found here – after all, who says that treacle tart or shortbread can’t be devoured over Christmas?

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