Monday #410

As with every year it seems, February’s weather is worse than the previous winter months put together. So far we’ve had nothing but rain and snow, and we’re still in full lockdown until the start of March at least. Still, there’s a bright spot, and that is that nurseries should be able to resume from the 22nd, and that’s only two weeks away!

Miss Grayling’s Girls part 7: the rest of her teachers


Five Go to Mystery Moor

The class saw her back view at once, and gasped. Written across her tightfitting skirt in bright pink letters was the word “OY!” Even Darrell was surprised to see it so clearly, and suddenly felt very uncomfortable. It was one thing to make a patch of pink appear on somebody’s clothes—it could easily be explained away—but how could the word “OY!” be explained? It was quite impossible!

Mam’zelle’s OY causes Darrell some consternation in Second Form at Malory Towers.


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