Monday #433

Although I usually write these posts on a Sunday evening today it’s already Monday morning. I’ve had to debate with myself over what I’ll write for Wednesday – my plan had been to review Five Go to Billycock Hill. However I haven’t even taken it off the shelf yet, and my chances of reading enough of it to start writing a review tomorrow evening are slim! Billycock Hill is one of my lesser favourites so I haven’t felt very motivated to start reading it, but I’ll have to if I want to move on to the one I do really like, such as Five on Finniston Farm, Five Get Into a Fix and Five Go to Demon’s Rocks.

Caves and secret passages – the reality


Cunningham and Petrov: The Mystery of the Missing Children chapter 16

Jack knocks Horace Tipperlong into the puffin hole in The Sea of Adventure. Stuart Tresilian is my second-favourite Blyton illustrator (after Eileen Soper of course).

Just look at the shock and anger on Horace’s face, and his hand clenched into an impotent fist.



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2 Responses to Monday #433

  1. chrissie777 says:

    Billycock Hill and Finniston Farm are my least favorites. I haven’t reread them in decades.


  2. Andreas Strobl says:

    Billicock Hill was the first FF book, that I have ever read. I still remember like it was yesterday. It was approximately 1975 in our tiny village library which had about 6 volumes FF books. It was a dark room with old shelves and an old lady. We had to pay one (Austrian) Shilling for lending out the book. For me it was one of the best books. As I read it, there was also heavy rain outside, like in the story. Luckily the german edition of the book had also the original Eileen Soper illustrations from the 50s.


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